How to order the Nerivio™

Have your Healthcare Professional fax the signed prescription from their clinic’s office fax to Quick Care Pharmacy at 866-393-5258

You will be contacted by Quick Care Pharmacy to verify your address, make the payment, and Nerivio will be delivered to your home

Nerivio is indicated for acute treatment of migraine with or without aura in patients 18 years of age or older who do not have chronic migraine. Nerivio is a prescription device. Use this device only if you have a valid prescription and after consulting with your health care professional.

Important Safety Information

Nerivio should not be used by people with congestive heart failure, severe cardiac or cerebrovascular disease, or uncontrolled epilepsy. Nerivio should not be used by anyone with active implantable medical devices (eg, pacemaker, hearing aid implant). It should only be applied on the upper arm over dry, healthy skin with normal physical sensation and without any metallic implants or in proximity to cancerous lesions. Nerivio has not been evaluated in pregnancy or those under the age of 18.