Nerivio Migra

We utilize state-of-the art technology combined with the latest advancements in neuromodulatition and neuroscience, to develop affordable therapeutic medical devices  for treatment and management of some of the most prevalent chronic pain conditions.
Nerivio Migra is a breakthrough electronic device for acute treatment of migraines. Attached to the patient’s arm (below the shoulder), it is a clinically-tested wearable suited to be worn everywhere and at any time. Nerivio Migra, as well as other types of wearables the company is planning, are controlled by intuitive smartphone applications to easily adapt therapy treatments to today’s modern lifestyle.

Clinically Proven Technology

Nerivio Migra is an innovative product for the acute treatment of migraine, utilizing the latest developments in neuroscience to provide unparalleled headache relief.

Innovative implementation of neuromodulation, utilizing the remote Conditioned Pain Modulation paradigm. Proprietary innovative design delivers patented waveform to C-fiber nerves, invoking descending analgesic mechanism in brain stem.

Pivotal Study Main Results

Pain Relief at 2-hours Post-Treatment (p<0.0001)

Active 66.7%
Sham 38.8%

Pain Free at 2-hours Post Treatment (p<0.005)

Active 37.4%
Sham 18.4%








Disposable Neurostimulation Device

  • Integrated, miniaturized electronics
  • Skin-friendly, Biocompatible material
  • Delivers up to 60V on body
  • 2-way BLE communications
  • Controlled by app

Minimal Smartphone Requirements for the App

  • At least 5.0 inches multi-touchscreen with at least 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution
  • CPU of 800MHz or more, internal memory of 512kB or more, and internal storage of at least 4GB
  • Connectivity capabilities of BT4.0 or above
  • Supported operating systems – iOS versions 10 to 12.3.1 and Android versions 6 to 9

How to Use the Nerivio

Download the Nerivio User Manual

Click this link to view or download the user manual: