Clinically proven and drug-free – Nerivio is an innovative remote electrical neuromodulation (REN) wearable for the acute treatment of migraine applied to the upper-arm

Migraine Headache Relief

66.7% of

achieve pain relief at 2 hours
(Yarnitsky et al., Headache)


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Nerivio - Relieve Migraine. Regain Life.

“My doctor tried many different medicines, shots and a combination of both, to no avail.  I just so happened to be in his office when the Nerivio device rep had come to see him.  Right then and there he had me try it; all I can say is timing is everything.  So grateful I was there that day.  OMG,  I have been using it ever since.  It works at least 8 or 9 out of 10 times; I’ll take that any day of the week.  I rarely take any of the prescriptions, have not had to have shots in a very long time.  The key to Nerivio is using it as soon as you feel the migraine coming on.”

Linda Springer

“I have treated patients with migraine for years with Botox. It’s certainly helpful for some and an alternative to oral meds and their side effects. Now with Nerivio, my patients have had life changing quality of life.
Nerivio is not a want – it’s a need.
This safe treatment for migraines is a vital breakthrough. It is my responsibility to let colleagues and patients know about this important therapy.”

Dr. Kathy Fields

“I just want to take a second to thank your company for this miracle migraine device. My 24 year old daughter has suffered from debilitating migraines since she was 13. She has been on every medicine imaginable making the treatment much worse than the migraines most of the time. Since starting this two months ago her migraines are pretty much gone completely, It is honestly a miracle plus zero side effects! If she does feel one coming on she puts this on and within 40 minutes the edge is off and it’s completely gone within two hours. Before this she would suffer for hours and hours. We cannot thank you enough, you have changed her life completely and we are eternally grateful!”

The ODwyer family, Ormond beach, Florida

“When patients experience debilitating migraine symptoms, they are looking for effective relief. Traditionally we’ve had only a limited number of useful acute migraine treatments, many of which have side effects. REN is a welcome option, due to its apparent safety and almost nonexistent adverse effects. In addition, the risk of medication overuse, often a limiting factor with acute medications, should not be an issue when using a drug free therapy such as REN.”

Dr. Morris Levin

“My doctor prescribed the device for me in October 2019, and I’ve been using it on a daily basis.  It has made a real difference when I catch the symptoms very early and it has also reduced the duration of severe headaches when they start while I am sleeping and didn’t catch it as early.  All in all, so far the results have been very positive!  I have already ordered and received my refill device as not want to be without ‘coverage’. Thank you for all the work you have done to develop and make this wonderful innovation a reality.  It is making a real difference!”

L. , Pennsylvania

“Providing the migraine patient community with safe and effective alternative is important, and remote electrical neuromodulation looks very promising.”

Dr. Alan Rapoport

“I tried many types of painkillers; nothing was helpful. The device helped me keep the pain level to the lowest level. When using the device, I don’t suffer from photophobia and I never had to take medication. It is small and easy to use.”

C.B, Patient with migraine

“This wearable device is completely novel. It fills a gap as not everybody who has migraine responds to over the counter or migraine-specific treatments.”

Dr. Brian Grosberg

“Nerivio – Best investment ever!”

Lisa Jane Clark Frazee

Clinically proven neuromodulation devices are crucial for helping patients who may be sensitive to side-effects presented by pharmacological options, or for those seeking a drug-free approach

Dr. Robert Cowan

Meet Nerivio

Nerivio is a wireless non-invasive remote electrical stimulation wearable applied to the upper arm at the onset of migraine headache or aura. Nerivio induces an inherent pain inhibition brain mechanism, resulting in clinically significant pain relief. Nerivio is safe and well-tolerated.


Nerivio is the first ever smartphone-controlled migraine wearable, controlled by an easy-to-use app that provides personalized treatments and offers an advanced migraine diary to track treatment sessions and migraine headaches. The migraine diary can be shared between patients and their healthcare professionals to improve migraine management.

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How Nerivio works

Start a treatment as early as possible and always within 60 minutes of migraine headache or aura onset

To maximize the clinical benefit of the treatment, set the treatment intensity level so it feels strong yet comfortable and not painful

Continue with your everyday activities without the migraine symptoms

Nerivio is FDA authorized



Nerivio is indicated for acute treatment of migraine with or without aura in patients 12 years of age or older. It is a prescription use, self-administered device for use in the home environment at the onset of migraine headache or aura.



Nerivio should not be used by people with congestive heart failure, severe cardiac or cerebrovascular disease, or uncontrolled epilepsy.  Nerivio should not be used by anyone with active implantable medical devices (eg, pacemaker, hearing aid implant). It should only be applied on the upper arm over dry, healthy skin with normal physical sensation and without any metallic implants or in proximity to cancerous lesions. Nerivio has not been evaluated in pregnancy or those under the age of 12. For full use instructions and safety information, please see the Nerivio User Manual.