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AIPAC Briefing: Treating Migraines Digitally

Theranica CEO Alon Ironi explains how his innovative technology, Nerivio, alleviates migraines and other ailments—all without the use of prescription drugs. Theranica is an Israeli biomedical technology company.

Real-World Experience with Nerivio

Tom Picerno, formally diagnosed with chronic migraine, tells about his experience with Nerivio: " (Nerivio) reduced my attack without having to take any abortive medications. I consider that to be a huge win for me, and it will be a win for anyone who is taking abortive medications..."
Physician's Weekly

REN: A Novel Approach to Migraine Treatment

Evidence suggests that pharmacologic agents often used to treat migraine may at times be ineffective, poorly tolerated, contraindicated, and—if used too frequently—can cause possible medication overuse headache, migraine chronification, and notable medical complications. A significant unmet need exists for effective and well-tolerated non-pharmacologic acute migraine therapy, according to Alan M. Rapoport, MD.
Mediaplanet’s Neurological Disorders campaign

You can find us in Mediaplanet’s Neurological Disorders campaign

Millions of Americans suffer from neurological disorders yearly, but progress is being made in managing neurological health and improving quality of life for patients. Through interviews and articles, this campaign raises awareness of neurological disorders including Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, epilepsy, migraine, and more. The campaign was distributed through USA TODAY and is published online
Fast Company

Theranica Named to Fast Company’s Annual List of the World’s Most Innovative Companies for 2020

Theranica, the developer of Nerivio, has been ranked fourth in Fast Company's Biotech category on the 2020 Most Innovative Companies List. The prestigious annual list identifies companies making the most profound impact on their industry.
Migraineur Magazine

Nerivio is Chosen for “Treatment of the Month”

Migraineur Magazine chooses Nerivio for "Treatment of the Month". Choosing a drug-free therapy is a strong statement. Someone is putting patients first.
Good Morning America

Good Morning Nerivio!

Good Morning America hosted a 3-day segment on migraine, in which Nerivio, one of Time’s best inventions in 2019, was highlighted as a solution for migraine relief.
CBS This Morning

Taking Migraine Seriously

Dr. William Young, a neurologist and headache specialist at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia, talks about migraine and presents Nerivio on CBS This Morning.

Migraine Zapping Device Offers Hope for Sufferers

Alon Ironi, Therania’s co-founder, CEO, and president, talks about Nerivio and the history behind its development.
The Jerusalem Post

Israeli Bio-Medical Tech Company Recognized as ‘Game Changer for 2020’

CB Insights selected 36 global companies across 12 categories and identified emerging trends to watch and high momentum companies pioneering technology with the potential to transform society and economies for the better. Theranica was recognized for combining neuromodulation therapy with wireless technology to address medical conditions such as migraines and helping to create a drug-free future for chronic illness.

Alon Ironi Discusses the Science Underlying Nerivio

Theranica CEO, Alon Ironi, sits down with ILTV to discuss the science behind Nerivio and its use as a first-line complementary migraine therapy.
The New York Times

New Hope for Migraine Sufferers

There are now a number of medications that may prevent or alleviate migraines, as well as a wearable nerve-stimulating device that can be activated by a smartphone.

Dr. Chua introduces Nerivio

Dr. Abigail Chua, a neurologist and headache specialist at the Hartford Headache Center, discusses the challenges of pharmaceutical treatments for migraine and presents Nerivio, a cutting edge technology for acute treatment of migraine
Clinical Research News

Will Wearable Device Become First-line Treatment For Migraines?

Israeli biomedical technology company Theranica is intent on making its new-to-market remote electrical neuromodulation wearable device a first-line treatment for migraines of every type.

Experts Weigh In On Early Clinical Experience With Nerivio in Acute Migraine

With Theranica’s Nerivio acute migraine device named a top invention of the year, three experts in migraine shared their insight into its clinical application in the early days of its availability, with varying experiences.
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An Israeli Startup That Develops A device for Acute Treatment of Migraine Is Named in TIME’s List of 100 Best Inventions of 2019

The device is expected to be approved in Israel on April 2020.
Scientific American

Treating Chronic Pain in the Right Place: Remotely

Dr. David Yarnitsky presents the latest research in neuromodulation and pain mechanisms, which has recently resulted in a new non-pharmacological option for migraine patients.
Live at AHS

Dr. Silberstein explains about Nerivio which was Named in TIME’s List of 100 Best Inventions of 2019

Dr. Silberstein explains Paula Dumas with Migraine World Summit about Nerivio at the American Headache Society Meeting.

A Year After Approval, Migraine Drugs Are Changing Lives. But Insurance Battles Are Creating a Whole New Headache

An important article in TIME magazine regarding migraine drugs and their…
Jerusalem Post

Disrupting the migraine business

Hillel’s Tech corner:Theranica, a biomedical technology company founded in 2016 and based in Netanya that is developing advanced “electroceuticals” – devices that treat ailments with electrical impulses – for…
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We’re not the only ones excited about Nerivio!

Happy to see that everyone is just as excited as we are for the Nerivio! It really is a game changer!

Dr. Brian Grosberg: Nerivio Device for Acute Migraine Treatment

At the American Headache Society’s 2018 Scottsdale Headache Symposium in Arizona, Grosberg sat with NeurologyLive to discuss Nerivio and its potential in the treatment of acute migraine. He noted its comparable outcomes to the pharmacologic acute treatments.

Building a future of safe and drug-free alternatives to painkillers

An interview with Alon Ironi, CEO & co-founder of Theranica. Imagine a future where pain can be managed or alleviated using a combination of digital technologies and devices, greatly reducing the risks brought about by conventional painkillers. That is what Alon Ironi, CEO & co-founder of Israel-based biomedical technology company Theranica hopes to achieve.

Can an electronic patch reduce the pain of migraines?

It looks like a high-tech version of a nicotine patch, but Theranica Bio-Electronics’ wearable device has a different purpose: to knock out migraines… at least temporarily. Inside Theranica’s Nerivio Migra patch are tiny electrodes that deliver a small electrical jolt to your body to mitigate headaches and other acute pains through what’s known as CPM (conditioned pain modulation).
Investing News

Theranica Bioelectronics Hopes to Take Migraine Device Global

Privately owned Theranica Bioelectronics is aiming to reshape the way migraines are treated in patients all around the world. The company, which was founded three years ago, is using advanced neuromodulation therapy with wireless technology to develop electroceuticals for migraines and other pain disorders.
Everyday Health

FDA Greenlights New Wearable Device for the Treatment of Acute Migraine

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cleared the way for a first-in-category product that uses remote electrical neuromodulation to treat acute migraine pain. Worn on the upper arm, the smartphone-controlled Nerivio Migra uses electronic pulses to help “turn off” migraine pain.

FDA OKs Wearable Device for Migraine Pain

May 29, 2019 -- The FDA has cleared a noninvasive device to relieve acute migraine pain. Nerivio Migra is a "first-in-category product," according to Theranica, the company that makes it. It is worn on the upper arm and uses smartphone-controlled electronic pulses to relieve migraine pain.

FDA approves wearable migraine pain device

BETHESDA, Md. (WPVI) -- The government has OK'd a new non-invasive device to relieve the pain of acute migraine.
MedCity News

Israeli startup gets FDA nod for neuromodulation device to treat migraines

Nerivio Migra consists of a bioelectric patch which is placed on the upper arm and an associated smartphone app which controls the electrical impulses and records data.

Omron joins $35m Theranica Series B

Theranica said today that Omron‘s (TYO:6645) venture arm joined a $35 million Series B financing round to support its remote neuromodulation technology. Israel-based Theranica is developing the Nerivio Migra neurostimulation patch intended to treat migraine headache, which is currently under FDA review.