News Update

FDA Grants Theranica De Novo Clearance for Nerivio Migra

Nerivio will be available in limited quantities in late 2019, with wider distribution beginning in early 2020.

Meet Nerivio Migra

Nerivio Migra is a breakthrough electronic device for acute treatment of migraines. Attached to the patient’s arm (below the shoulder), it is a clinically-tested wearable suited to be worn everywhere and at any time. Nerivio Migra, as well as other types of wearables the company is planning, are controlled by intuitive smartphone applications to easily adapt therapy treatments to today’s modern lifestyle.

Migraine Relief Device

Theranica redefines migraine treatment
by means of neuromodulation. lnstead
of placing electrodes and other cumbersome
devices on the head, the patient can attach
our clinically-tested wearable device
to the arm and launch a personalized
pain-relief program.


How It Works

Download and install the Nerivio Migra app

Download and install the
Nerivio Migra app

BLE wireless communication pairs the mobile app with Nerivio Migra device to track your pain based on your personal data

Attach the Nerivio Migra patch to your arm

Attach the Nerivio Migra
device to your arm

Nerivio devices contain integrated ENS/NMES electrodes, a battery, and Theranica’s smart chip

Keep your routine and relief your pain

Keep your routine
and relief your pain

The electrical pulses, generated by the chip, stimulate the sensory nerves under the skin, resulting in pain relief